SHADE Protocol

DeFi with Privacy

Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network. Launching on Shade Protocol is Silk: an overcollateralized stablecoin native to Secret Network with transactional privacy.

Shade Protocol

Mint Silk using Secret Tokens such as Shade. Stake Shade to enjoy passive rewards accrued from Shade Protocol dApps.


Deposit Secret Tokens into ShadeLend to mint Silk - an overcollateralized privacy-preserving stablecoin. ShadeLend empowers users with privacy-preserving leverage.


Stake your Shade tokens to passively earn staking rewards, treasury rewards, arbitrage rewards, and LP rewards. 21 day unbonding period.


Stake Shade and help govern the decentralized ShadeDAO - determining the future of Shade Protocol rewards, emissions, and parameters.

Use ShadeLend to Mint Silk

Shade Protocol can be used by anyone without sign up or restriction - all that is needed is a wallet compatible with Secret Network and SCRT - the native token of Secret Network.

Connect Your Secret Wallet

Launch the Shade Protocol application and connect your Secret Network compatible wallet such as Keplr or A Secret Network wallet is needed in order to maintain the SNIP-20 private and fungible token standard, ensuring your privacy and security.

Deposit your Secret Tokens

Lock your Secret Tokens into ShadeLend and mint out Silk.

Stake or Liquidity Provide

Use your Silk or Shade tokens to stake or liquidity provide, earning passive rewards in the form of Shade.

Built on Secret Network

Secret Network is a layer-one solution built with the Cosmos SDK leveraging proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus using Tendermint's Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithms. Secret Contracts on Secret Network achieve data privacy for Shade Protocol using on-chain encrypted data with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

What are Silk and shade?

Silk is a native privacy-preserving stablecoin

Silk is a privacy-preserving stablecoin pegged to a basket of global currencies and commodities that can be minted on Shade Protocol using Secret Tokens on ShadeLend. Silk inherits the SNIP20 token standard, meaning all transactions with Silk are private.

Shade is the Native Governance Token of the Shade Protocol

The Shade Token ('Shade' or 'SHD') serves as the treasury, utility, arbitrage, and governance token of Shade Protocol. As more applications are launched and connected to Shade Protocol, more rewards and fees are directed towards Shade stakers.

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The Shade Road Map

Q3 2021

Whitepaper | MVP | Branding

Q4 2021

Airdrop Calculator | Infrastructure | Funding Partners

Q1 2022

Airdrop | Tokenomics

Q2 2022

Staking Derivatives

Q3 2022


Q4 2022

Silk | ShadeLend | ShadeSwap


Contracts are deployed to the Secret Network testnet and the front-end application is built in preparation for mainnet launch. Feedback is obtained from our user testing community to ensure a positive experience with our applications.


We value the importance of user's safety when interacting with Shade Protocol and therefore all the contracts we develop will go through audits to ensure no vulnerabilities are found.


During this final stage, Shade Protocol is deployed to mainnet for users to begin using. With mainnet, Silk becomes available to the entire world of DeFi.

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